Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in South Florida...Keep it Natural

Feel comfortable in your own skin and look your best, no matter your age. Keys Plastic Surgery & Dermatology offers advanced cosmetic surgery procedures for patients who want to improve or enhance their natural facial or body features. Our highly skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. John Verghese, performs a variety of procedures, including eyelid surgery and mini-facelift, designed to help you achieve your desired appearance.

Mini Facelift

A mini face lift is a minor surgical procedure that visibly reduces the signs of aging by removing the jowls and excess neck skin. This is an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia for minimal side effects and recovery time.

Eyelid Surgery

Get a more vibrant, youthful appearance with our eyelid procedure. Blepharoplasty surgically removes excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids. This simple procedure is performed in the office little to no down-time. Medicare, BCBS & most insurance carriers cover Upper Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

Breast Augmentation

Get the silhouette and curves you have always wanted. Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedure. Breast Augmentation surgery can quickly and dramatically improve your appearance.

SmartSkin CO2 Fractional Laser

Laser treatment to address sun damage, aging skin, and fine lines through skin resurfacing and collagen stimulation. Check for more details. A patient favorite!

Breast Reduction

Excessively large breasts can contribute to health problems such as back pain and poor posture. Breast reduction surgery removes fat, tissue, and excess skin leaving your breasts lighter and firmer. This procedure is covered by most insurance carriers.


Sclerotheray treats spider veins by injecting them with a hypertonic (saline)
solution that is very effective & inexpensive.

Tummy Tuck

Get a flatter stomach with an abdominoplasty. We surgically remove the excess fat and skin from the abdomen and liposuction the area to ensure a smooth appearance. This procedure can benefit women who have stretched abdominal areas as a result of previous pregnancies (mommy-makeover) or after weight loss.


Body sculpting using liposuction removes unwanted fat from areas in the abdomen, hips, abdomen, buttocks, and under the chin.


Get beautiful, healthy skin with the help of HydraFacial. Using a specialized, non-invasive treatment of vacuum & infusion, we can help improve the overall health of your skin. Cleansing & Exfoliation, Glycolic/Sallicylic Peel, DermaBuilder (peptides) and Antioxidant infusion leaves your skin glowing and best of all no down-time! It is highly effective for improving fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, and improving the overall texture and appearance. Celebrities love it and you will too! ONLY $99 per treatment
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