If you are concerned about the effects of aging, sun damage and exposure to chemicals and toxins in relationship to the health of your skin and its appearance, call our office at Keys Plastic Surgery & Dermatology. We are here to help!

John D. Verghese, M.D. has spent 15 years perfecting his medical & surgical expertise with a strong track record of commitment to patient satisfaction, technique and quality of care.

One of the most exciting and effective procedures, called MINI-FACELIFT (PATIENT FAVORITE!)

is performed in the surgical suite located at our office here in Naples. Local anesthetic, in addition, to oral medications create a comfortable, safe and pleasant experience for our patients. No need for risky sedation medications.We strive to make your experience at Keys Plastic Surgery & Dermatology a positive one. A consult with Dr. John Verghese to discuss conservative treatment recommendations to keep you looking your best with optimal results is our primary goal.

As part of the aging process the skin undergoes many changes. There is often thinning of the dermis (deep layer of the skin) and the formation of wrinkles. This laxity (looseness) of the skin causes JOWL’s to form around the jawline, which tends to hang under the chin causing that undesirable “turkey gobble”. In addition to natural aging…factors, such as, sun exposure, hormone imbalances, and smoking can accelerate skin damage and cause rapid skin aging.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished you had a string to pull back the skin around your jaw and neck to see how you’d look? Fortunately, there is an effective and relatively simple procedure to remove the excess skin. Dr. John Verghese has perfected the procedure of 

MINI-FACELIFT to give you a more youthful appearance and keep your friends wondering how you keep that fresh look.

The procedure takes 2 hours with limited recovery time.Stitches are removed within 10 days – 2 weeks. Incisions are carefully placed in the crease behind the ear and in front, which heal remarkably well. 


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